FROM  6:00AM TO 5:00PM PST
We have a complete automotive research library on domestic and
import vehicles and our ASE Advanced Master Certified
technicians can provide any information from basic maintenance to
advanced troubleshooting.
The SCM Hotline offers diagnostic support to a large number of professional automotive repair technicians. Located in
Garden Grove California, SCM provides its customers quick access to technical information using their exclusive database.
The subscriber-based program provides diagnostic assistance for both foreign and domestic vehicles manufactured from
1964 to the present, including those fueled by gasoline, diesel, alternative fuels and hybrid technology.

A phone call to SCM provides fast and accurate diagnosis of vehicles that enter a repair shop by connecting technicians
with a live SCM team member. This real-time assistance keeps service bays from being tied while technicians wait of a call
back—a system that other hotlines services use. In addition to quick service, there are a number of benefits to using this
type of outsourced knowledgebase including increase repair shop profits and technician productivity.

Using the SCM Hotline service in a repair facility reduces comebacks and defective part returns. Technicians spend more
time performing repairs and less time going through lengthy diagnostic routines that often end with “Substitute with known,
good, part” as the solution to numerous problems. Additionally, valuable time is not wasted because technicians won’t
have to spend shop hours reading repair manuals, surfing the Internet or electronic databases to find the answers they
need. In fact, over 89 percent of all vehicles handled by SCM are diagnosed in just two, seven minute phone calls.

With the complexity of today’s sophisticated, computerized automobiles, repair facilities at new-car dealerships utilize
factory diagnostic assistance to stay ahead of rapidly changing technology. Manufactures’ and parts suppliers including
Toyota, Nissan, Hyundai, Ford, GM, Mitsubishi, Lexus, Kia, Honda, NAPA, CarQuest, Shell Oil, Borg Warner, Mighty, and
Standard Ignition, among others, all use services similar to SCM’s hotline. Their employees and customers reap the
benefits of fast, accurate, and profitable diagnosis. So the question you should be asking isn’t “Can I afford to use the SCM
Hotline?” but rather “Can I afford not to?”
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