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At S.C.M., our hotline staff talks with hundreds of technicians each day, through out the United States and Canada, providing them with proven tests and
fixes. When a vehicle pattern failure is discovered, this leads to development of a new test or time saving procedure. All this valuable data is then
immediately stored in our highly advanced data bank.

Instead of your technicians spending time scouring through books or electronic automotive manuals, they place a quick phone call to S.C.M. Hotline.
There, an ASE Certified Master Technician will talk them through the diagnosis and repair in an average of two, seven-minute phone calls. All the
information is stored in a very sophisticated custom data bank, based on the vehicle year, make, model, and engine size. Solutions are stored by
symptom and frequency of occurrence, among other things, depending on vehicle accessed. In this way, the most likely causes are checked first, based
on the type and year of the vehicle. The S.C.M. hotline can help you with what to test, how to test it, and what to do if it doesn’t test correctly.

The most successful clients of the S.C.M. hotline pass the cost of the hotline on to the customer. The customers invoice shows a marked up outside labor
charge, a “Technical Information” or, “Advanced Diagnostics”, for example. Some take the average cost and mark it up; others mark up the individual
cost per vehicle. In either case, the S.C.M. hotline should be a profitable product, not an added shop expense. The S.C.M. hotline will reduce come
backs, unnecessary defective part returns, and technician diagnostic time wasted. The “Try a known, good part” mentality will be eliminated.

Using the current S.C.M. North American average fix time of fourteen (14) minutes, the average cost per vehicle works out to $30.80. This would be
marked up to approximately $45.00, based on a 40 % markup, and passed on to the customer. In this way, when the customer stops in for an estimate,
the service writer would mention, “We may have to bring in the hotline on this job, this car has a lot of computers and technology. These guys give me
the latest information, so we can fix your car right the first time, in a cost effective manner. The cost to you, the consumer, is a very reasonable, $45.00.”
Your shop will be viewed, by the customer, as a shop with all the latest information and techniques to save the consumer time, money, and aggravation!
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We have wiring diagrams for all makes and models of
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